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Senegal, France, Ireland: A Hip-Hop Celebration

Post date: Tuesday 14 Mar 2023

In conjunction with Journée de la Francophonie 2023 , the Centre Culturel Irlandais and partners Embassy of Ireland in France, Ambassade de France en Irlande and Cork Midsummer Festival are delighted to celebrate Irish-Senegalese relations and the recent opening of Ireland’s new Embassy in Dakar by sharing the best moments of ‘Senegal-France-Ireland: A hip hop celebration’ enjoyed by thousands in June 2022, a project conceived and produced by the Centre Culturel Irlandais, Ireland’s Cultural Flagship in Europe.

This special hip-hop concert synergised some of the freshest Irish, French and Senegalese talents! The CCI brought together nine artists based in three countries during June 2022 for a week-long creative residency in Paris orchestrated by the Dakar-based composer and producer Doctor L (aka Liam Farrell). The results of this joyful international melting-pot of talented artists was experienced by thousands at CCI’s Fête de la Musique and at Cork Midsummer Festival.

The event promoted Irish-French and Irish-Senegalese relations in particular the deep cultural connections that exist between our different countries, not least in our celebration of music, and also helped mark the opening of Ireland’s new Embassy in Dakar which will work to strengthen these ties in the years ahead.

Artists and creative team:
Hip-hop artists - Jay Ronic (Cork, DRC), Ngaaka Blindé (Senegal), Salamay (Cork, Nigeria), Toshin (Dublin, Nigeria), Waka (France/Cameroun)
Instrumentalists - Senny Camara (France/Senegal, kora/vocals), Jean-Phi Dary (France/French Guyana, keyboards), Christophe Minck (France, multi-instrumentalist)

Artistic Producer: Liam Farrell
Executive Producer:
Nora Hickey M’Sichili
Jean-Nicolas Schoeser