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St Patrick’s Family Day

  • Sunday 20 March 2022
  • 1pm to 4.30pm. Doors open at 1pm
  • Admission free, in the courtyard

Put on a touch of green and join us in the spacious courtyard of the CCI! Ballet Poulet entertain us with their street performance twice during the afternoon (1.30pm and 3.30pm) and four-piece group Navá regale with us traditional music.

Green Goose Bar and Restaurant have Irish stew and other homemade delicaces on offer and Korrigans foodtruck brings a Breton touch with galettes and crêpes. And for the younger ones, a chance to have a shamrock or other festive Irish motif painted on your face by our professional make-up artist!

Our current exhibitions celebrating two important Irish centenaries A Nation Under the Influence: Ireland at 100 and, in the courtyard, Following Ulysses are open all afternoon. As is CCI’s Médiathèque with lots of Irish books and music to enjoy browsing through!

Ballet Poulet

Meet them at 1.30pm and 3.30pm in the CCI courtyard!

In partnership with Fanzini Productions
Performed by Con Horgan and Kim Mc Cafferty

Two outrageously talented Olympian-level idiots combine dance and circus, beauty and absurdity in their latest masterpiece.

She has prepared a poetic, delicate and tender ballet. He has prepared a bad ass display of mayhem. She loves dancing, he loves chickens. Nut-cracking and Swan Faking their way into your lives, these two will make you really question which came first… her tutu or his toupée?


At 2.30pm in the chapel of the CCI!

Traditional music group Navá perform in CCI's chapel during our St Patrick’s Family Day (admission free; first come, first served!)

This Irish based four-piece group explores the relationship between the traditional musical cultures of Ireland and Iran. Iranian-born brothers Shahab Coohe on santoor and Shayan Coohe on percussion and the tar are joined by folk and bluegrass musicians, Niall Hughes, one of Ireland’s most versatile and creative bass players, and ever popular banjo player Paddy Keenan.

Navá are giving an evening concert in CCI's chapel to close our St Patrick's Day festival in style.