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Donovan Wylie

  • Exhibition from 13 November to 9 January 2022
  • Exhibition from 13 November to 9 January 2022
    Every day: 2pm-6pm (until 8pm on Wednesdays)
    Christmas closing from 24 December to 2 January included
  • Admission free
  • Reservations for the talk below:

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The Centre Culturel Irlandais is delighted to present the premiere showing of four monumental photographs by Donovan Wylie, one of Ireland’s most renowned photographers. Immediately following the June 2016 referendum on Brexit, Wylie, a Belfast-based artist, began to photograph singular lighthouses on key dates, glimpsed from the opposing coastlines of France and different parts of the United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Capturing the afterglow of distant lighthouses was a means to process the tensions and complexities of identity, insularity and isolationism. The result is a stunning series of richly layered black and white photographs that confront the dual nature of the sea as a physical barrier and an invitation to cross. In collaboration with the writer Chris Klatell and the Seamus Heaney Centre, Steidl will publish an 80-page book Lighthouse in 2022 combining Donovan Wylie’s photographs with texts by Klatell.

Programme for the opening evening - more details:

_ Conversation between Donovan Wylie and Chris Klatell at 5.30pm
_ Opening of En résidence exhibition by Conor Horgan
_ Opening of Asylum Archive by Vukašin Nedeljkovic
_ Open studios by our artists in residence Tinka Bechert and Anna Macleod
_ After party with singer-songwriter Anna Mullarkey
_ Food and drink on sale by the foodtruck of burgers BBQ Brother