Current Residents

Artists, writers, musicians... each season different residents carry out their own research and participate in CCI's cultural programme 

The combination of living and working in historic and atmospheric surroundings, in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, is of undeniable benefit to each artist in residence as well as an important means of channelling a wealth of artistic influence towards Ireland and its creative community.

Tomm Moore

Tomm Moore 

September - October 2021

Director, designer and animator Tomm Moore is a founding partner in Cartoon Saloon, a multi award-winning animation studio, and in Lighthouse studios, both of which are based in Kilkenny. Having completed three films based on Irish history and folklore, with styles based on Irish medieval and megalithic art influences, Tomm now wishes to step back and find a new graphic style and storytelling approach. During his residency at the CCI, he relishes the opportunity to engage in the artistic life of Paris and deepen his working relationship with numerous French artists he has collaborated with over the years while studying life drawing and immersing himself in French bandes dessinées culture, animation and filmmaking history.

Come and discover the animated film "Wolfwalkers" co-directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart.