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Interactive Introductions

Post date: Monday 19 Feb

Find here a variety of interactive introductions accessible to all to learn about essential themes echoing CCI’s cultural seasons. Each them is explored through a number of online resources: pictures, archive recordings, dramatisations, radio podcasts...

Meet Brendan Behan and his work. Explore in particular his Parisian experience, when he met Samuel Beckett and Boris Vian.

On the occasion of the Rugby World Cup 2023, the Embassy of Ireland and the CCI celebrate the rugby relationship between France and Ireland: 120 years of a vibrant, colourful history.

Discover the history of the Irish language, its revival and its presence in contemporary Irish society.

Read about the historical context and the period which led to the Irish independence in 1922.

Learn about James Joyce’s masterwork Ulysses, its publication and the scandal it was in its time.