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Post date: Wednesday 1 Feb 2023

This year we're celebrating 50 years since Ireland joined the European Union, and the CCI features a spotlight on the Irish language, which has been recognised as an official language of the EU since January 2022.

William Howard, musician, writer and teacher of Irish Gaelic, will be delighted to talk to you about this language full of surprises!


Like many Gaelic words, 'seans' originated in the XIIᵉ century and arrived in Ireland with the coming of the Normans.


Here's another great example of a word introduced by the Normans in the Middle Ages, "Stór" from the Old French "estor"!


The word 'Leabhar' (book in Gaelic) is often used to pronounce an oath. William Howard looks back at the origins of this solemn appropriation of the word!


William Howard introduces us to the use of the word 'Stair' through the links between history and the stories of great Irish figures...


For this final episode of Gaeilge, we invite you to set sail and discover the etymology of the word 'Muir'!

Ce projet est présenté en collaboration avec Maynooth University