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Poésie et Prose

Unfolding Yeats
Roy Foster, Nicola Gordon Bowe, Colbert Kearney

Roy Foster is Carroll Professor of Irish History at Hertford College Oxford. He has written widely on Irish history, society and politics in the modern period. He is the author of a much acclaimed two part biography of William Butler Yeats which was awarded the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. He will make a visual and musical presentation on the so-called ‘Curlew Series’ that will include some of the poems set to music by Peter Warlock.

Co-author of a beautiful and substantial book The Arts & Crafts Movements in Dublin and Edinburgh, Nicola Gordon Bowe is an expert on this period of a unique kind of cultural flowering in Ireland, at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. She will provide a visual presentation situating the individual members of the Yeats family within this context.

Colbert Kearney is a writer and critic, formerly Professor of English at University College Cork, who has had a long involvement with the Yeats International Summer School. He will examine Yeats' sense of himself as a visionary poet.