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An evening with Snatch Comedy

  • Tuesday 1 December 2020/ Improvisational Theatre
  • Tuesday 1 December 2020, 9pm (Paris), 8pm (Cork)
  • Admission Free, online

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Some decisions have world-changing consequences... Did you ever decide to build a life-size statue of yourself from Lego while drunk? What would you say to a customer who complains that their unpaid electricity bill burst into flames? You choose the scene, Snatch comedy will play it with skill, ease and spontaneity.

The CCI is delighted to present an evening of improvisational theatre via Zoom performed by Cork-based collective Snatch Comedy, with a few guests joining from other parts of the world. With a completely unscripted performance, you will have the opportunity via the Chat tool on Zoom to change the direction of the performance, bringing it collectively as an audience to heights you’d never dreamed of. Relax with a glass of good French wine and enjoy an hour of random fun, entertainment and much laughter. Please be advised, it is best to enjoy the evening on a computer or IPad, rather than a phone.

Tonight’s comedians are: Adrian Scanlan, Annette Roche, Cathal Carroll, Marcus Bale, Mark Cosgrave et Micheál Dé Róiste