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Tina O'Connell
In-visible 2,3,4

3 acrylic spheres placed in the Centre Culturel Irlandais

Tina O'Connell's work involves making installations as a site-reflective activity. The spheres sculptures operate on the viewer's position in relation to the historical setting. The optical qualities of acrylic bend the light, invert the landscape and the idea of space itself. The viewer is offered a new perspective on what they see and on their perceptions of the same, like a painter might invert a canvas or look down on it with a mirror, the viewer is askded to look on what they see anew. The physical form of the sculpture contains an image that both alters and reflects upon our preconceptions of the space in which the viewer is caught.

The positioning of the sculptures is an important element of the life of the work - although very heavy, they are moveable and can form a part of a ritual, as well as be a discovery by individual viewers in changing

Iimage left : In-visible. 2002 Commissioned by the College des Irlandais, Paris.
Image right : Installed at The Mappin Gallery, Sheffield, 2002. 50cm solid acrylic sphere