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With Lauren Kinsella (voice), Colm O’Hara (trombone), Michael Coady (contrebasse), Simon Roth (drums), Tom Gibbs (piano)

The Irish nation’s love of language finds full expression in Thought-Fox, a band whose name comes from a poem by Ted Hughes, one of several contemporary poets whose work they dramatically deconstruct. Led by up-and-coming Dublin vocalist Lauren Kinsella, the band members include fellow Irishmen trombonist Colm O’Hara and bassist Michael Coady, along with London drummer Simon Roth and Glasgow pianist Tom Gibbs. Kinsella has an exhilarating way with words, squeezing the improvisational juice out of every syllable, and stretching the poetic structures perilously close to breaking point. For contrast, the voice is warm and attractive, and can swing like an old-school chanteuse.

This concert forms part of the 11th Jazzycolors (27 oct-30 Nov 13). This festival is organised by foreign cultural centres in Paris, presenting the best national jazz musicians and groups to the French public.

The CCI will also host a concert by the Luxemburg group Maxime Bender Quartet on 19 November.

Detailed programme for the festival: