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Thomas McCarthy
Songs of the Open Road

  • Wednesday 15 March 2023
  • 7.30pm

€5, reservation recommended

VO, 50 mins

Sold Out

In the presence of the director Pat Collins and Thomas McCarthy

Thomas McCarthy comes from a long line of singers and musicians who kept the tradition of singing strong within the Irish Traveller community. He now knows over a thousand songs and since 2021 has set about collating a repertoire of this fabulous part of Traveller heritage.

Filmmaker Pat Collins' evocative documentary, Songs of the Open Road, sheds light on the life and prowess of this great storyteller who was named Traditional Singer of the Year in the Gradam Ceoil Awards 2019. We are lucky to be able to welcome Thomas to sing a few songs after the screening tonight as he is still in Paris performing as part of Zingaro's latest equestrian cabaret.