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Festival Jazzycolors

Ronan Guilfoyle’s Lingua Franca

  • 26 November 11
  • 19.30, €7, reservation recommended

With Michael Buckley (tenor), Chris Guilfoyle (guitar), Ronan Guilfoyle (bass), Matt Jacobson (drums)

Lingua Franca has been Ronan Guilfoyle's vehicle of choice to feature his original music, touring extensively and twice venturing into the studio with memorable results. Bird and Exit stand as two exceptional jazz releases, one reworking standards associated with Charlie Parker, the other a radical deconstruction of elements of Irish traditional music. A decade on, Guilfoyle is revisiting the band’s repertoire and adventurous approach with a potent new line-up.

These two concerts form part of the 9th Jazzycolors (8-30 November 11). This festival is organized by foreign cultural centres in Paris, presenting the best national jazz musicians and groups to the French public.

Detailed programme for the festival: