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Ireland’s literary output continues to astonish. This year we have some themed readings: an evening devoted to the ‘polar’, another to memoir. Wonderful writers such as Jennifer Johnston, Gerry Stembridge and Keith Ridgway are making return visits to the CCI. New faces and voices include two Irish language poets, Louis de Paor and Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh; novelists Declan Hughes, Jane Casey, Gene Kerrigan, Alan Glynn; memoirists Molly McCloskey and Greg Baxter; and poets Enda Wyley and Michael O’Loughlin. Dublin became the fourth UNESCO City of Literature in 2011 and its writers are part of its everyday landscape. Poésie et Prose offers an opportunity of savouring the contemporary literary imagination which this designation celebrates.

There will be a special session for young people on Saturday afternoon when Nicola Pierce will read from, and discuss, her recent very topical book Spirit of the Titanic – parents also welcome!

Programme of the rencontres littéraires:
Thursday 20 October, 19.30: Jennifer Johnston, Louis de Paor, Gerry Stembridge
Friday 21 October, 19.30: Soirée MEMOIRES Molly McCloskey, Enda Wyley, Greg Baxter
Saturday 22 October, 14.30: Après-midi JEUNE PUBLIC - Nicola Pierce
Saturday 22 October, 16.30: Alan Glynn, Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh, Keith Ridgway
Saturday 22 October, 19.30: Soirée POLAR Gene Kerrigan, Jane Casey, Michael O’Loughlin, Declan Hughes