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In conjunction with the Périphérie du Marché de la Poésie

Mary McPartlan, Frankie Gavin, Vincent Woods
Land of Heart’s Desire

This evening of poems, songs and music is inspired by the work of William Butler Yeats and the landscapes of Sligo and the West of Ireland, the heartlands of his voice and vision. Poet, broadcaster and Yeats specialist Vincent Woods will read a selection of key poems and discuss the influence they have had on his own work. Accompanied by outstanding musician and cofounder of De Dannan, Frankie Gavin, on fiddle, flute and piano, artist and singer Mary McPartlan will perform songs written in homage to Yeats, folk songs and recent compositions. The threads of Yeat’s life and enduring significance will thus be woven through his artistic legacy.

Image: Mary McPartlan, Frankie Gavin and Vincent Woods