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Poésie et Prose : Avant-première en présence de la réalisatrice Mathilde Damoisel

L’Irlande de Roddy Doyle, Robert McLiam Wilson, Edna O’Brien et Colm Toíbín

  • Premiere of ARTE documentary:

What does it means to be Irish, what is “Irishness”? Eminent Irish writers Roddy Doyle, Robert McLiam Wilson, Edna O’Brien and Colm Toibin each bring their own response to these questions. They evoke different facets of their country and its peoples, from the outskirts of Belfast and Dublin to provincial Southern towns and the West of Ireland, all the while revealing aspects to which they are more or less attached. Heritage, history, religion, landscape, exile, resistance and revolt - this writers’ portrait of Ireland past and present is being screened for the first time at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in the presence of the documentary’s director Mathilde Damoisel.

Written and directed by Mathilde Damoisel

Image : Roddy Doyle, Edna O'Brien, Colm Toibin and Robert McLiam Wilson