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Leo Pellegatta & Nicol Faer
ULYSSES And yes I said yes I will Yes

  • Exhibition from 2 February to 29 March 2022
  • Admission free (at the entrance of the courtyard)

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of James Joyce’s illustrious novel Ulysses, Italian photographer Leo Pellegatta and French composer Nicol Faer present And yes I said yes I will Yes at the CCI and Italian Cultural Institute. It is a multimedia installation in which images, music and words evoke Joyce's imagination and explore new paths in this labyrinthine work that lends itself to multiple readings and infinite interpretations.

The monumental photograph exhibited on entering the CCI and its accompanying sound piece evoke the Sirens chapter from Ulysses. They pay homage both to the musical sensitivity of the Joycean language and to the author's fascination with the element of water, often at the origin of his poetic inspiration. A string quartet, a piano and James Joyce's voice emerging to the rhythm of the sea, seem to evoke an interior monologue which melts into the electric clouds of the guitars, as if to outline the stream of consciousness of the heroes of Joyce and Homer.

Discover the pendant to this project at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Come to the closing performance on 24 March at 8.30pm, following a conversation on feminism. More details here