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Journées européennes du patrimoine

  • Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 September 2020
  • From 2pm to 5pm
  • admission free

Programme for both days:

  • Guided tours of the Old Library presenting the treasures of the collection: three illuminated manuscripts that date from the Middle Ages (Saturday and Sunday 2pm - 5pm, tours departing every half hour until 4.30pm)
  • Self-guided visit of our current exhibition La Place des Grands Abysses de Stephen Brandes
  • Books, magazines, CDs, films and many more resources on Ireland’s heritage and contemporary culture available for all to consult in the Médiathèque
  • Self-guided visit of Saint Patrick’s chapel
  • Performance by the Gyntiana theatre company at 5pm on Saturday 19 September - Chapitre 11 d’Ulysse, inspired by The Sirens chapter of James Joyce’s masterpiece.
  • Our new booklet on the history of the building is on sale at the Médiathèque!
Illustration : Jérémie Fischer