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Dans le cadre du Mois de la Photo à Paris, novembre 2008

Jackie Nickerson

Jackie Nickerson Washing Eucharist Vessels

Taking on the hidden world of Irish Catholicism, photographer Jackie Nickerson's Faith visits the hallways, libraries, kitchens and dining rooms of Catholic institutions. Her resulting portraits of priests and nuns, architectural details and still-lives are touched with intimacy and absurdity. The simplicity of the images invokes the muted and restrained palette of Fra Angelico, bringing an often beatific air to her tranquil subjects. Whilst never suggesting that she is able to divine or represent the veiled mysteries of faith, Nickerson does manage to honestly present a vocational life driven by clarity of purpose and personal courage.

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Gallery of Photography, Dublin and the Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

Jackie Nickerson: Washing Eucharist vessels, Poor Clare Monastery, Belfast 2006