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Hannah Starkey

  • Final week, 3 to 8 January
  • Vernissage 10 November 16, 6pm-9pm, admission free
    Tuesday to Sunday from 2pm to 6pm
    (late opening on Wednesdays until 8pm)

    Closed on Mondays and from 24 Dec to 2 Jan
  • entrée libre

The CCI is delighted to present photographer Hannah Starkey’s first exhibition in France - Women. Born in Belfast and based in London since the 1990s, she is now internationally renowned for what she describes as “explorations of everyday experiences and observations of inner-city life from a female perspective”.

Hannah Starkey’s interest in street photography is inspired by the 19th-century concept of the flâneur, or flâneuse in this case, who strolls around observing society. However, her works are far from informal. Many are redolent of Edward Hopper’s carefully studied compositions and cinematic stylisation. They pivot on lone, contemplative figures portrayed in environments that toy with reflections and other visual puzzles. Absorbed in private reverie, Starkey’s subjects often stare into space, at a wall or another woman, or at themselves in a mirror.

The artist’s group and solo exhibitions stretch worldwide from Ireland, the UK and the USA to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Korea; the TATE holds three of her works in their collection.

Works shown courtesy Maureen Paley, London and the Saatchi gallery, London.


Hannah Starkey will be in conversation with writer and curator Susan Bright on 10 November at 6pm – just prior to her exhibition opening
Admission free, in English, reservation recommended

Two further exhibitions of Irish photograpy are launched on 10 November in Espace Lhomond, a gallery neighbouring CCI. Find out more
After party This triple vernissage will be followed at 8pm by an after-party with the post-rock trio Alarmist

France 24: Hannah Starkey, a female perspective on both sides of the lens