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Felim Egan
Intervals in Blue

Felim Egan is one of Ireland's contemporary masters. His external and internal landscapes in paintings with his now signature technique span a period of great change in Ireland and the Arts in particular. The variations in Egan's work are dramatic in their minuteness, in their detail, drawing the viewer in until they recognise the vastness of the undertakings, reflecting the banal to the universal. In this exhibition, Egan moves in giant leaps introducing some new elements in the movement, in the mood. In his salute to the musical elements, to the lyrical movement, autour de Intervals in Blue is an absorbing exhibition.

Felim Egan was born in Co. Donegal in lreland in 1952 and studied in Belfast and Portsmouth before attending the Slade School of Art in London. He then spent a year at theBritish School at Rome in 1980 before returning to Dublin. Since then he has lived and worked at Sandymount Strand on the edge of Dublin Bay. The Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney has aptly described his painting as 'a balance of shifting brilliances'.

Egan has exhibited widely across Europe with 43 solo exhibitions since 1979, including at the lrish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In 1985 he represented lreland at the San Paulo Bienale.