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  • 3 November 15
  • 7.30pm. In English with French subtitles, 90 mins

The CCI has joined forces with the cinema Les 3 Luxembourg, the Irish Film Institute and Irish Film Board to promote contemporary Irish film and bring it to a wider public in France. Just 5 minutes from the CCI, you will be able to enjoy even more comfortable screenings of Irish feature, short and documentary films subtitled in French, as well as discussions with film directors, producers and actors.

Set in an affluent suburb of Dublin, this offbeat comedy and unconventional love story delights in the hilarity of everyday life following Ray (David Wilmot)’s unwelcome appearance at the family home for the first time in 12 years. He has returned to see his dying father and meet the teenage daughter Abbie (Maisie Williams of ‘Game of Thrones’ fame) he abandoned years back, along with her mother, Alice (Kerry Condon). Abbie has grown into a pugnacious little madam, a star of track and field who has been groomed for success all her life by her hyper-competitive stepfather, Frank (James Nesbitt), who is trying to launch inspirational sports videos. Unwittingly Ray finds himself responsible for nearly destroying all their lives!

In the presence of productor Aoife O'Sullivan.

Gaumont/Pathé and MK2/UGC cards accepted + 2€