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As part of FICEP’s Festival du Cinéma du Monde


  • Wednesday 23 March 2022
  • 6pm



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“Belfast” is unquestionably director Kenneth Branagh’s most personal film to date. It is the summer of 1969; a violent, tumultuous time in Northern Ireland seen through the innocent, exuberant eyes of Buddy, a nine-year-old boy... Branagh’s youthful self. Shot in gentle black-and-white, with sporadic bursts of glorious colour, Branagh paints the picture of a modest, working-class, Protestant setting in which the young boy views his parents as movie-star glamorous while his grandparents display a lifetime of commitment—to each other, to this place.

Within the steady hum of the threat Buddy and his family increasingly face is an impossible decision: Do they stay where they have lived their whole lives, where everyone knows everyone, or do they move somewhere safer and start again...?

With Caitríona Balfe, Jamie Dornan, Judi Dench, Ciarán Hinds, Jude Hill...

This screening is part of the Festival du Cinéma du Monde, organised by the Forum des Instituts Culturels Etrangers à Paris (FICEP) from 19 to 26 March at Les 3 Luxembourg cinema (Paris 6e). Full details of the festival: