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A project by Mark Curran

The Market

“…what people don’t understand… is that what happens in the market is pivotal to their lives… not on the periphery, but slap, bang, in the middle…”
- from telephone conversation with Trader (name withheld), Dealing Room, Investment Bank, London, February 2013

Mark Curran’s challenging new project THE MARKET sets out to make visible - literally and metaphorically - the sphere where our futures are speculated upon. His multi-media installation includes photographs, films, transcripts of interviews and a soundscape that investigate the functioning of the global stock and commodity markets. From Dublin to London, Frankfurt and Addis Abeba, the artist concentrates on the experience of individuals working within a supremely complex system.

This exhibition was presented in Ireland as part of a nationwide artistic project curated by Helen Carey (director of Limerick City Gallery of Art) to mark the centenary of the 1913 industrial conflict known as the Dublin Lockout.

Algorithms and sound design: Ken Curran

Image right: Matthew, Banker - Canary Wharf, Londres, Mars 2013
Image left: Bethelem