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Sal Stapleton - AKASHA
Project Space #5

  • From Sunday 21 July to Sunday 11 August 2024
  • Mon-Sun : 2pm-6pm
    Wed : 2pm-8pm
  • Admission free

Opening Saturday 20 July, 6:30pm-9pm

Food on sale by the foodtruck Burger Boss for the opening

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AKASHA explores the journey of transformation through the fabric of life, grounded in our shared connection to nature and the cosmic elements. Set within an illuminated computer-generated digital realm, the exhibition delves into the dynamic interplay of life forms emitting energy, weaving together through the continuous connection and evolution of the fabric of life. Merging film, 3D modelling, animation, AI and a captivating soundscape, attendees are transported to a space where the fifth element is essential for comprehending the interconnectedness of life’s fundamental building blocks.

At 8pm on opening night, music and visual performance by electro artist ALYXIS.