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Political Economic Cabaret

This evening of lively discussion pays homage to Kilkenomics, the world’s first economics and comedy festival which has taken place in Kilkenny every year since 2010. Co-hosted by Marc Uzan of the Paris-based think-tank Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee, it also marks the 70th year since the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement to regulate the international monetary system.

A tête à tête between artist Mark Curran, whose exhibition The Market is currently on show at the CCI, and the political philosopher Alfred M’Sichili will launch the evening. Marc Uzan and David McWilliams, ‘Ireland’s most entertaining economist’ and co-founder of Kilkenomics, will then take to the stage to explore a wide range of issues with comedian, best-selling author and broadcaster Colm O’Regan and other guests. Who said there couldn’t be comic sides to discussing the financial crisis, the international monetary system, global financial governance, and the current stake and legitimacy of global financial markets?!