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Katie Holten
Artist's Book Project

  • Extra-muros event: 65 rue Rébeval, 75019 Paris

Katie HoltenKatie Holten is in residence at the Centre Culturel Irlandais from September to December 06.

This event is organised in conjunction with Metronome Press. The offices of Metronome Press, Work Method and Émilie Renard are all located at 65 rue Rébeval (Mº Belleville - Pyrénées).

More details on Katie Holten's project are available at or by calling 01 58 52 10 35.

This event is part of the "Festival Paris Beckett 2006-2007", celebrating the centenary of Samuel Beckett's birth.

Image : Katie Holten Arbres de Paris 2006 ©FICO Festival Paris Beckett 2006-2007