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European Heritage Days

  • 20 – 21 September
  • 2pm - 5pm (guided visits departing every half hour until 4.30pm)
  • Admission free
  • Guided tours of the Old Library presenting the treasures of the collection : three illuminated manuscripts that date from the Middle Ages : 2pm - 5pm (tours departing every half hour until 4.30pm).
  • Doors open for all to visit Saint Patrick’s chapel which underwent complete restoration of its richly decorated interior in 2002.
  • Books, magazines, CDs, films and many more resources on Ireland’s heritage and contemporary culture available for all to consult in the Médiathèque.
  • Two exhibitions to visit free of charge: Corpus by performance artist Amanda Coogan and Hospice and charity: the Lazarists of the Irish College, 1858-1945
  • Screening of two documentaries by Irish-American Arthur MacCaig (1948-2008):

    2pm: The Patriot Game (1979), in French, 93 mins
    Rich in emotional images, often tender but more often terrifying, this documentary tells the story of the long and bitter battle for Northern Ireland, retracing events from the British conquest in the 17th century up to the first ten years of the Troubles (1969-1979)

    4pm: A Song for Ireland (2005), in English, 55 mins
    This documentary traces the history of Ireland through her music, and Ireland's music through her history- a culture of resistance. Informative and entertaining, it vividly illustrates how, in countries like Ireland, making history and making music go hand in hand.

    These screenings are supported by Irish Film Institute International, the Irish film programming service for international exhibitors, supported by Culture Ireland and The Arts Council of Ireland.