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Open air event*

Fête de la Musique

  • 21 June 16
  • 7pm-10.30pm, seating not guaranteed

    Drinks on sale courtesy of The Green Goose, Bar and Restaurant
    Open air event
    In case of bad weather, check this page.
  • admission free (in the courtyard)

Fête de la Musique falls on a Tuesday this year but we have timed our two class acts especially so you can come straight from work… and get home well before the strike of midnight! Enjoy a great evening in our courtyard (food and drink on sale) with flamboyant trad music by Aldoc followed by the indie-rock of rising stars Bell X1.

Alan Doherty (flute, vocals), Gerry Paul (guitar, backing vocals), Fiach O Muircheartaigh (guitar, vocals, banjo), Tobias Schmitt (bass), Julian Maier-Hauff (trumpet, keyboards, electronics), Kristoffer Rylander (drums)

Aldoc have been described as a revolution in Irish music. Alan Doherty (formerly a member of the group Gráda) and Gerry Paul are blazing a new trail for Irish music with this international line-up. Virtuoso trad melodies on the flute are lit up with jazz-tinged arrangements, brass, electric guitar and banjo solos together with exotic vocals.

“Marvellously inventive music that is breathtaking in its scope.” (TradConnect)
“This successful mixing of cultures makes the world look like a small and cosy community indeed.” (GoldenPlec)
“A musical and personal journey that’s unpredictable and adventurous” (The Irish Times)
“Alan Doherty easily updates and reinforces the common bond between his own traditional Irish dance music and the music of the rest of world." (Tim O’Brien)
"If you're into flute madness, check it out!” (Matt Molloy, The Chieftains)

Bell X1
Paul Noonan (voice, drums), Dave Geraghty (guitar, voice), Dominic Phillips (bass, voice), Glenn Keating (keyboards), Rory Doyle (drums)


Following a hugely successful 2015 that included a sell-out acoustic tour of Ireland, and playing support to Ed Sheeran at Croke Park in July, Bell X1 returned to the studio to record their 7th album which is scheduled for release later this year. The new album will be the first since 2013’s much acclaimed Chop Chop, their third Number 1, and their fourth consecutive album to be nominated for a Choice Music Prize. Since forming in 2000, Dublin band Bell X1 with their brilliant combination of electronic music and anthemic pop rock, have become one of Ireland’s most popular bands, second only to U2 in terms of radio play and, according to Billboard, the second biggest live performers.

"Bell X1 are a fantastic live band, with the charisma, musicianship and vocals to effortlessly carry a live show." (Hot Press)
“This is rock with gusto and drive and confidence and intent. It puts down a brave marker.” (NME)
“Part rock, part lush pop - with thoughtful lyrics and intricate melodies.” (
“The songwriting and playing are superb.” (Boston Herald)
“Ireland’s pre-eminent orchestral rockers.” ((The) Irish Independent)