Launch evening: CCI Commissions

Launch evening: CCI Commissions

Cine-concert by Lioba Petrie : La Jetée

Born in Dublin, Lioba Petrie has been a member of the collective 3epkano for 11 years, co-writing and performing film scores for classic silent movies, animations and modern shorts. During her month-long residency, CCI has commissioned Lioba to create a new score for the short French sci-fi film La Jetée (1962, 28 mins) by Chris Marker which she will perform live this evening.

Audio walking tours by Fiona Hallinan

This will be followed by the launch of Heterodyne: Périphérique, a site-specific musical score by Fiona Hallinan created for the ‘Périphérique’ ring road, with live music by Margie Jean Lewis (vocals) and Brian Walsh (drums) and visuals by current filmmaker-in-residence Tadhg O’Sullivan.
This will also be the opportunity to hear extracts from Inside, an audio walking tour of the quartier by Fiona Hallinan commissioned by CCI (see below).

From 1 October, you will be able to download a special audio walking tour from our Home Page. This 5km walk, divided into sections, takes its listener on a loop beginning and ending at the CCI. Exploring lesser known parts of the city such as the Arènes de Lutèce and the quayside sculpture park Jardin Tino Rossi, the walk is set to a soundscape composed of field recordings by Davy Kehoe and an original, exploratory script by Fiona Hallinan that explores themes of cultural conservation and the image of the city. This walk is available on a mobile application specially developed by John Callaghan. Featuring original drawings, it can be followed in full (approx. 1 hour) or in shorter sections.

Image: left - Ruin Peripherique by Fiona Hallinan (detail), right - Lioba Petrie and La Jetée

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