Gare St Lazare Ireland presents

How It Is

by Samuel Beckett

How It Is

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Published in French in 1961 when Samuel Beckett’s reputation as a playwright still overshadowed his novels and short stories, How It Is (Comment C’est) marked a turning point in the writer’s prose. His last full-length novel, it is written entirely in short paragraphs punctuated only by the spaces between them and relates the solitary narrator’s existence before, during and after his encounter with a certain Pim.  It remains a most enigmatic and experimental work that challenges our ideas of form, content and the possibility of achieving meaning through language.  

World-renowned champions of Beckett, Gare Saint Lazare Ireland are organising an international symposium at CCI dedicated to this text. The culminating point of the day is a special reading of How It Is presented by Gare Saint Lazare Ireland.