Denis Buckley

On Doubt

Denis Buckley

Doubt and failure are predominant forces in the lives of those who look to realise an ideal, be they artists or revolutionaries. Denis Buckley explores “doubt in the life of an idealogue” through his monumental painting Unfinished & Abandoned 2016 Painting and his film On Doubt. The artist’s work also questions the tangible influence that art can have on day-to-day affairs. In what way does the rhetoric of, say, Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People or a patriotic pre-1916 play by W.B. Yeats incite others to take action?

As a performance artist, Denis Buckley has been invited to festivals worldwide including NRLA Glasgow, Chasma Window Project New York 2003, Liverpool Biennial 2004 and Brisbane Festival 2010. In 2013, his performances for camera saw him selected for the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK) and awarded the Físín short film commission at the The Dingle International Film Festival (Ireland).

Our current artists-in-residence Alan Phelan and Siobhan McDonald will open their studios in the courtyard to the public on the same evening as the vernissage of Denis Buckley and John Byrne’s exhibitions.

Image: Denis Buckley Unfinished & Abandoned 2016 Painting (detail)

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