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Dan Shipsides

The Meta-perception Club

Perception is a key starting point for visual artist Dan Shipsides whose work deals with the dynamics of landscape. It embraces a concept of landscape as the living experience of the world around us, here and now, as much as a framed perspective in the art historical or cultural sense.

His two film works exhibited at the CCI, Mortar/Device (2011) and Crossoverstar (2014) are drawn from a large body of work concerned with the star motif and its apparition in the landscape. Based in Belfast since the 1990s, the artist writes:

“the six pointed star often appears amongst the visual icons of Northern Ireland, especially associated somewhat mysteriously with many loyalist paramilitary and heritage groups. ... Nonetheless, the star’s usage and significance in Northern Ireland is opaque.  As an icon of a certain apparatus of power it carries positive and negative associations, but it sits without transparent commentary.”

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