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CinéCCI : The Queen of Ireland

CinéCCI : The Queen of Ireland

Panti Bliss is many things. Part glamorous aunt, part Jessica Rabbit, she's a wittily incisive performer with charisma to burn who is regarded as one of the best drag queens in the business. Created by Rory O’Neill, Panti is also an accidental activist, ‘a court jester, whose duty is to say the un-sayable’, and a figurehead for LGBT rights in Ireland and all around the world. The Queen of Ireland is a documentary film that follows Rory’s journey from a small Mayo town to striding onto the world stage. Directed by Conor Horgan, the film builds up a multi-faceted picture of a complex and compelling character through behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with friends, peers and protégés. Ultimately the film shows the ongoing evolution of Ireland, as seen through the eyes of one of its most vivid, morally courageous and downright entertaining citizens.

“Leaving aside its importance as a historical chronicle, The Queen of Ireland is a super movie, replete with tragedy, comedy, a plucky, unlikely heroine, and a sweeping dramatic arc. (…) God save the Queen.” (***** The Irish Times)

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