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Performing Arts – Creative Producers

Teresa Coutinho

November — December 2023

Teresa Coutinho Sónia Godinho

International Residency for Theatre Makers (Portugal)

Teresa Coutinho is an actress, performer, theatre director and playwright. Teresa Coutinho has worked with the Kassys company, Catherine Marnas, Rogério de Carvalho, Ricardo Neves-Neves, Nuno Cardoso, Raquel Castro, Cédric Orain, Guilherme Gomes, Carlos Avillez, SillySeason, the Os Possessos company and Nuno M. Cardoso. She has created and written "Indicação Para Se Perder" (2014), on the work of Marguerite Duras, "Agora eu Era" (2016), "Ways of Looking" (2017) at TNDM II, on the work of John Berger, "O Eterno Debate" (2019), and "Comparar-te a um Dia de Verão?" on the work of Shakespeare, "Far Away" (2021) by Caryl Churchill at TNDM II and "Solo" (2022) at TBA. Coutinho's work explores the gaze and manipulation of the theatre-goer as well as sexism and power relations within contemporary society.