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Visual Artists – Design

Tara McGinn

April 2024

Tara Mc Ginn crédit Ben Malcolmson

Tara McGinn is an interdisciplinary artist based between Belfast, NI and Enniscorthy, ROI. She combines sculptural (re)production, image-based assemblage, reflexive/reflective writing and performance within a studio-based practice. They examine cultural practices and political narratives around the erotics of class, domesticity, feminism, bodily labour, and time.

During the residency McGinn will further develop research and ideas that align with her current work. They have been researching and learning about the work of architect and designer Eileen Gray who was also originally from the artist's hometown of Enniscorthy, Ireland. McGinn is interested in exploring the sites of Gray's early life in Paris, and connecting the stories of her queer and feminist contemporaries, such as Romaine Brooks and Natalie Barney. The artist will produce writing by examining how concepts and practices of interiors and design offered these sapphic comrades a place of safety to express their identity and sexuality. This intimate privacy was represented in their multiple practices and public careers, undoubtedly informed by the consequences of class, gender and social mobility reflective of the era. McGinn plans to produce a body of text and images for a performance that will be presented as part of the CCI programme.