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Siobhán Cleary

September — November 2010

Siobhan cleary 2010

Composer in residence Siobhán Cleary will work on two projects: a work for chamber choir based on tongue twisters in different languages and a ballet based on the origins of the wing shun martial arts: The common legend involves the young woman Wing Chun after the destruction of the Southern Shaolin by the Qing government. After she rebuffs the local warlord's marriage offer, he promises to rescind his proposal if she can beat him in a martial art contest. The Buddhist nun Ng Mui teaches her to box so that she defeats the warlord. This style of boxing is named after her.

Events with artist:
NewSoundWorlds in Paris 26/10 2012
NewSoundWorlds in Paris - Hugh Tinney & Catherine Leonard 27/10 2012