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Visual Artists – Design

Sam Keogh

October — November 2019

Credit: Conor Horgan
Credit: Conor Horgan

In partnership with Centre Pompidou
Born in 1985, artist Sam Keogh shares his time between London and his native Co. Wicklow. His work spans installation, sculpture, performance, drawing and collage. While in Paris, he will be taking part in ‘Cosmopolis 2’ at Centre Pompidou. For Cosmopolis 2, Keogh presents a densely clustered root system which hangs over the viewers head, made from a combination of organic and inorganic materials collected from the interstitial spaces of the urban environment; small strips of fallow land between train tracks or on the sides of motorways where trash, weeds and invasive species thrive together. This object will be unfurled during a performance developed over a month long residency at CCI. Its rhizomitic form will interconnect disparate anecdotes, histories and descriptions of physical and biological process to present strange and abject cosmology of trash, contamination and revolt.