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Visual Artists – Design

Rudi-Lee McCarthy

May 2024

Rudi lee Mc Carthy

Since graduating from Art College in 2022, artist Rudi-lee McCarthy has been exploring the correlation between Land and cultural practice, he uses the 'as Gaeilge' phrase: "Comhbhá an Dúlra" as his core philosophy: "The land gives back to those who respect it". Viewing it as an Irish spin on the French concept of "terroir". For the last two years, Rudi-lee has successfully run organic art-focused pop-up food events around Ireland and in Norway all the while researching our cultural practices with land, sea and agriculture.

For his residency in Paris, he sets out to explore and conceptualise his work in 4-dimensional interactive artworks, looking at the relationship between our Senses, Horticulture, Music and well-being within the city landscape.