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Olwen Fouere

January — April 2006

Olwen fouere 2006

The theatre artist Olwen Fouéré is one of Ireland’s foremost practitioners of the performing arts. Collaborating with playwrights, directors, visual artists, composers and choreographers over three decades, she embodies the mercurial essence of performance in her aesthetic practices. She has earned the Irish Times Theatre Award for Best Actress in 1999, 2000 and 2006 and has been nominated and won numerous others including the Samuel Beckett and ESB/Harvey’s Awards. She featured in the documentary Theatre into Flesh for the RTE Arts Lives series in 2005. As part of her residency at the CCI, she is working in conjunction with director Selina Cartmell to present The Gospel According to Judas, and Here Lies, the story of Antonin Artaud in Ireland.

Events with artist:
Olwen Fouéré - riverrun 8 - 9/02 2013
The Gospel according to Judas - by Frank McGuinness 18/03 2006