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Visual Artists – Design

Nuala O’Donovan

October 2020

Nuala O Donovan

In association with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland
Nuala O’Donovan is a visual artist who lives and works in Cork City. Her practice involves the close study of plants and growth systems whose patterns and geometry form the basis of her porcelain sculptures. She is particularly interested in pattern in nature as a form of narrative. Nuala’s work has been exhibited internationally and forms part of the collections of National Museums in Ireland and the U.K. During her time at the CCI, she will use the resources available at the nearby Jardin des Plantes, for example, to produce new drawings and analytical studies. She also intends to begin new research into the collaboration between artists and the Sèvres ceramics factory in view of developing her own proposals to work with Irish potteries or industrial facilities.

Photo ©Janice O'Connell