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Visual Artists – Design

Niamh McGuinne

September — October 2023

IMG 4148

Niamh McGuinne’s practice combines print, sculpture and film. She creates interactive installations, inhabitable or often wearable, whose function is not initially clear. Within this ambiguity there is a suggestion of refuge from the unknown and invisible overload of the everyday world. Her work addresses issues concerning how the body absorbs, holds and disguises illness. She is a paper conservator at the National Gallery of Ireland and this background also informs her practice.

‘Carapace’ her first major solo exhibition is currently showing in the Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda until 7 October. She is also a member of the Shell/ter Artist Collective and ‘Shelter’ is on show in the National Gallery of Ireland until 12 November.

During her residency she will look at themes of care and conservation, she is particularly interested in the centre’s role as a hospital from the late 1800s to post World War 2.