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Maximilian Le Cain and Vicky Langan

August 2017

Langan lecain 2017

Since 2010, Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain have worked together in an audio-visual partnership that has resulted in thirteen moving image works to date. This is built on the fitting match between Langan’s magnetic, troublingly intense presence as a performer and Le Cain’s distinctively jarring, disruptive visual rhythms. In 2017, they received an Arts Council of Ireland award to make Inside, their first feature film. Le Cain makes experimental films that explore a personal relationship with cinema as a site of haunting. Langan’s practice operates across several overlapping fields, chiefly performance, sound and film. Her vulnerable, emotionally charged work envelops audiences in an aura of dark intimacy. They are both affiliated with the Dublin-based Experimental Film Society. Their film Light/Sound (2010) is part of the permanent collection of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma in Paris. They are developing new work during their residency at CCI.

Screening of experimental films by Vicky Langan et Maximilian Le Cain 28/8/2017