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Visual Artists – Design

Maud Cotter

January — March 2008

Maud cotter 2008

A graduate and Faculty Member of the Crawford Municipal College of Art and Design, Maud Cotter is a Cork-based visual artist currently in residence at the CCI. Her work is an ongoing exploration of the network of relations playing out in a changing world. Focusing on a mélange of objects and materials, she seeks to set material boundaries in dissolution and open a space of live engagement with the stuff of everyday life to capture a sense of domestic surrealism. A member of Aosdána, she is the Co-founder of the National Sculpture Factory, and her work has been exhibited across Europe and the United States.

Events with artist:
Nuit Blanche 2 - 3/10 2010
Maud Cotter - Objects that are no longer themselves 17/09 2010
Maud Cotter - Atelier portes ouvertes 13/03 2008