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Visual Artists – Design


March 2024

Alan Hester

Having created artwork since 1995, Maser has earned much respect professionally and has generated a large and dedicated following in Ireland and abroad. Maser's artistic practice includes large-scale murals, works on canvas, sculptures, prints, immersive installations and interactive exhibitions. His artistic style is regularly complemented with bold colours, pattern overlays and gestural forms. Having become internationally recognised for his expansive repertoire of contemporary visual art he has been commissioned to create original artwork by prestigious arts organisations including, the National Gallery of Ireland (IE), Sotheby's (UK/FR), the National Library of Ireland (IE), and Palais de Tokyo (FR). Since the outset, Maser has continuously progressed his artistic style and practice,
which is now firmly rooted in the realm of contemporary Irish Art.

During his residency at the CCI, he will take inspiration from Paris and his new surroundings. He will be developing his observational drawings skills - creating sketches of the city and its people.