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Performing Arts – Creative Producers

Kellie Hughes

May — June 2022

Kellie Hughes

Kellie is a theatre artist specialised in collaborative, multi-disciplinary productions. Recent theatre collaborations include “Striking Back”, a new play co-written with playwright Mathew Spangler, based on the experiences of activist Mary Manning during the Dunnes Stores anti-apartheid strikes in the 1980s and “CONSTANCE”, created in collaboration with composer Michael Rooney, exploring the life and legacy of artist, activist and radical revolutionary Constance de Markievicz.

Other collaborations of note include “Death at Intervals”, adapted from José Saramago’s novel of the same name, Samuel Beckett’s prose piece “Lessness” and Olwen Fouéré’s award winning “riverrun”, adapted from the voice of the river Liffey/Life in James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake”. These works were produced by Galway International Arts Festival and toured to national and international venues and festivals.

At the CCI, she will be developing her new work on Beckett’s “The Unnamable,” an immersive experience created in collaboration with designer Michael Cummins, theatre artist Olwen Fouéré, film-maker Jose Jimenez and sound designer David Stalling, which will be presented in Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) in November 2022.