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Performing Arts – Creative Producers

Gina Moxley

September — December 2010

Gina moxley 2011

Writer in residence Gina Moxley is a playwright, fiction writer and actor. The Crumb Trail was performed as part of 2009 Dublin Theatre festival. It also toured to festivals in Germany, Denmark, Oregon and New York. Two of her plays, Dog House and Danti-Dan, are published by Faber. The focus of work during her residency is an adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels for the stage. In tandem with her theatre work she will continue to write short fiction.

Events with artist:
The Wheelchair on My Face 5/06 2012
La Médiathèque rencontre…Gina Moxley 9/12 2010
Rencontre with 5 women writers 19/10 2007