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Visual Artists – Design

Eithne Jordan

November — December 2005

Eithne jordan 2005

Artist-in-residence Eithne Jordan is a figurative painter born in Dublin and living and working between Dublin and the South of France. As a member of Aosdána and the Royal Hibernian Academy, her practice extends across a range of landscapes, moving from natural figurations to man-made structures in a more urban palette. Subject to the sensations of light in all its expressive suggestion, her work in Paris focuses on a new embodiment of light-at-play on the Parisian landscape. Without human presence, she allows the viewer to stand alone in each scene. Her work has been widely exhibited and forms part of public collections at the Irish Museum of Modern Art among several others and features in private collections across Ireland, Europe and the U. S.

Events with artist:
Eithne Jordan - Oeuvres récentes 24/01 - 24/03 2007
Eithne Jordan - Atelier portes ouvertes 10/09 2005