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Antoinette Quinn

September — December 2005

Antoinette quinn 2005

Writer-in-residence Antoinette Quinn is professor of Modern English and Fellow Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin. A teacher of literature and literary critic, she is highly regarded as a researcher and academic. Having grown up in Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan, she has devoted much of her career to championing the work of poet Patrick Kavanagh. Long-time President of the Patrick Kavanagh Society, she has edited several collections of his poetry and prose, as well as a milestone critical collection Patrick Kavanagh, Born Again Romantic (1991). She is also the poet’s biographer, having published the widely praised and critically acclaimed Patrick Kavanagh, A Life in 2001. She has edited Dancing with Kitty Stobling: A Collection of Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award Winners 1971-2003.