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Visual Artists – Design

Amanda Coogan

May — June 2005

Amanda coogan 2005

Dublin-based performance artist Amanda Coogan concentrates primarily on creating live installation pieces and durationally driven work. Responding to and articulated through the form and expression of the body, her work provokes reactions in real time from an audience that increasingly becomes part of the exhibition. Having performed internationally and exhibited part of both solo and group works worldwide, she responds playfully to the contexts which give rise to her performances. She habitually incorporates opera, literature and theatre into her works.

Event with artist:
Nuit Blanche 4 - 5/10 2014
Journées européennes du patrimoine 20 - 21/09 2014
Amanda Coogan - Corpus 12/09 - 29/10
Beckett’s Ghosts 3 - 4/05 2007