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Reinventing Ireland

Reinventing Ireland

Described as "brilliant" by the Guardian and "peerless" by Slugger O'Toole, the critically acclaimed Irish Passport podcast brings its mix of Irish culture, history and politics to Paris in this special live event.

Join hosts Tim Mc Inerney and Naomi O'Leary to explore how Ireland could be reinvented for the future. Featuring special guests including leader of the Green Party in Northern Ireland Clare Bailey, political scientist and citizens' assembly expert David Farrell, and award-winning science fiction writer Sarah Maria Griffin, author of 'Other Words for Smoke'.

Each speaker will have 10 minutes to make a pitch for an ambitious way in which Ireland could be transformed in the future! Followed by discussion opened out to the floor.  

In 1919, a revolutionary Irish government declared the birth of a new nation. With the War of Independence came a new idea of Ireland which has marked the course of history on the island of Ireland for the past one hundred years. A century on, the country has been gripped by a popular feeling of cultural renaissance. As the old structures of Church control and parochial conservatism fall away, there has been a flowering of art, literature and political engagement that seems to cry out for a re-invention of Ireland. Meanwhile, the peace accords of the Good Friday Agreement have fostered a new sense of identity north and south, based on cultural plurality and tolerance. Join us to consider what the re-invention of Ireland might look like.

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